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Thai ladyboy documentary: She ran down all the usual extreme cases of severe child molesters and rapists. That was once again about the dangers of pornography.

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After setting down her papers, she began to lecture me on today’s issue. Then she said: "Yes, and you are my burden." She hesitated slightly.

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"We all have our crosses to bear," I said quietly. But today’s outburst shows me that my prayers have not yet been answered. "

I prayed and prayed for you to see the light and the long-awaited recovery. She had her usual wry face and a bunch of notes to go with me. "

"It pains me to be here," she said, finally arrived. She still had to carry on "unofficial" prayer on the flagpole in the first place.

Any other teacher would have been here, but I knew that she could not come in just yet.

I sat in my usual place in front of the room and waited for Miss Jay to enter. No longer worry. The room was empty detention.